The Lighting Facility

Inled boasts of an automated and futuristic plant and laboratory for manufacturing and designing of quality products.


  • State of the art infrastructure for manufacturing 400 fixtures in one go
  • Burning Rack to test 400 fixtures at a time
  • Yamaha SMT Line with a speed of 36000 cmp/hr

Assembly Line

  • State of the art infrastructure for manufacturing 400 fixtures at a time
  • Burning Rack to test 400 fixtures at a time

With the perfect merger of human intellect and machine automation, Inled has the ability to manufacture and test 4,000 LED Street Lights per day.



Our quality checks begin at the Purchase stage. Based on specific requirements, only pre-verified Incoming Raw Materials are used. Each one of our suppliers submits batch-wise Quality Reports of products, wherever applicable. In-line tests keep a check on materials issued for production.
Our skilled work-floor staff is trained to identify flaws/abnormalities and issue inward rejections wherever pertinent. The Raw Material entry into the final stage takes place only after undergoing a series of Tests (viz. Wire Solder Integrity, Fixture Housing Quality Check etc.) at every stage of manufacturing.
The Final Luminaires undergo stringent Aging Analysis. It is conducted in-house to maintain correct batch numbering/labelling.

Testing Equipments

Inled makes use of the best Inline Testing Equipment for various parameters of drivers and fixtures that help us monitor and maintain our Global Standards of Quality (BIS Standards).

  • 10 KV Impulse testing
  • Glow wire test
  • Needle flame test
  • Temperature rise test
  • LED module tester
  • Driver tester
  • Rain Chamber Test
  • Surge Test
  • Spectroradiometer
  • Dust Chamber for IP-44 testing
  • Climatic chamber (-40*C to +180*C)
  • 6.5 meter high Photo-Goniometer from Sensing
  • Tests fixtures up to 1.6 Mtrs long

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